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AMT has an overall storage capacity of 30,000m3, spread across three platforms in France, to manage your stocks of furniture and archived records.

AMT’s storage platforms have the latest inventory technology, enabling centralised, fully computerised management.

We give you the option of storing in packing cases or on racks, and also provide a purpose-built, completely secure area.

Ile-de-France Sud Storage Platform

  • 9, Rue du Moulin à Cailloux – 94310 Orly
  • Surface area: 995 m2
  • Floor-to-ceiling height: 12m
  • Storage capacity: 7,000m3
  • Storage in packing cases and on racks

Ile-de-France Nord Storage Platform

  • Rue de la Tannerie – 60270 Gouvieux
  • Surface area: 4,000m2
  • Floor-to-ceiling height: 9 m
  • Capacity: 15,000m3
  • Storage on racks

 PACA Storage Platform

    • ZI les Vernèdes – 83480 Puget sur Argens
    • Surface area: 1500 m2
    • Floor-to-ceiling height: 8 m
    • Capacity: 8,000m3
    • Storage in packing cases and on racks


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