Bank Société Générale in Paris-La Défense)
transfers 5 trading floors, thanks to AMT

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A non-standard building for finance at high-speed


The establishment of trading rooms in the Basalte building, specially built for this purpose at La Defense by Nexity on behalf of the Société Générale was a huge challenge, to the extent of the building that inhabits and the technical constraints of finance at high speed.

Initiated in 2006, with a construction driven by the 234 Agency (architect Jean Mas), the building had to have the strongest infrastructure to compete with major European banks in the technologies used, including thousands of miles of fiber optics, high-performance generators, perfect vibration isolation of the RN 314.

The building is “non-standard” for La Défense since it has 50,000 square meters, but on only 5  floors containing each a trading room of nearly 5000 square meters.


A huge technical and organizational challenge


It is after the building being delivered, that really started the AMT intervention, alongside teams of Société Générale, to prepare the logic of non-standard transfer, in which the computer and connectivity have a privileged place. Let’s look at few figures; not only the concerned workforce has almost 2900 workstations, but focused on more than 5000 CPUs connected to 8500 screens, plus 350 controllers (for backup management).

To achieve this high-tech transfer, testing began in October 2013, and the transfer elapsed until early April 2014 in accordance with production schedules and specific to this very special world of technological constraints trading rooms.


A highly planned intervention


Two years of preparations were needed to plan the transfer, during which two people from AMT worked full-time directly with the teams of the Société Générale in the preparatory tasks; planning, timings, and estimated volumes, all in support of multiple user interviews.

One of the most distinguishing aspects of the transfer, to ensure continuity of operation of trading rooms was to operate in two alternative modes: a phase of installation on weekdays (pre-installation), during which some equipment was disconnected and packaged, a phase of realization in weekend (installation) during which the CPUs were moved to take advantage of the closure of the marketplaces.

AMT has ensured a continuous presence


For each of the phases, from 30 to 50 movers were present continuously, supported by an enhanced structure of 4 and 6 coordinators.

This alternation is maintained for six months continuously, with only one break around the year-end festive season. Transfers consisted primarily of monitors and CPUs, which were added movable meeting rooms, archives and documents, telephones and telephone systems, as well as heavy lifting, e.g. PLC systems backups.


One reason for the success of this operation probably lies in the test planning phase, in which all stages of the transfer were timed, allowing a constant measure of performance and differences to fit into the schedules of transfer.

Through dedication and a steering 7/7 of AMT and Société Générale teams, trading rooms are now operational in Basalt and have been operating all the days of market opening.

UPS France concentrates its activities in Villepinte

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The French subsidiary of the world’s leading post shipments gathered his team in Villepinte in two successive phases. First in January and again in March 2014, the three existing sites have come together to meet on the same stage more than 100 workstations, enabling better interaction between services and cost rationalization.

Mobilizing its teams on Friday from 17:00 to 22:00 and Saturday from 8:00 to 22:00, AMT has supported the overall transfer activities, adding to the classic furniture / computer workstation / cartons, benefits heavy handling, packaging archive, labeling of all elements starting to reposition them in the ad hoc arrival offices and disconnection and reconnection of user workstations. Once the premises left empty, AMT is also responsible for cleaning.

Finally, the provision also covered the dismantling of surplus furniture that had not found useful in the finish area and were packed and transferred to the European headquarters of UPS, Brussels (Belgium).

Go Sport rushes toward Alfortville

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Specialized in the distribution of products for sports practice, subsidiary of the Casino Group, left the premises of the street Vieille du Temple to reach the most modern and functional spaces in Alfortville.

The AMT teams were in charge of assembling the elements of movable divided into 6 different trays, including elements 3 shows room. Delivery was complicated by atypical access to the starting building, and its location in the heart of the city, in a busy neighborhood.

The transfer of 100 workstations, including cartons, computers and furniture, was conducted over three days this weekend, Thursday, Friday and Saturday to allow the teams to resume work on Monday.

The new premises built quickly allow Go Sport to benefit from a more rational organization and animate two big size shows-rooms to present its products and those of the « Courir » brand line.

3 years of multiple movings
in Bouygues on the site of Challenger

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AMT has led in the first weeks of 2014 which was the ninth phase of a transformation plan of Challenger, the “vaisseau amiral “building of the Bouygues Group. The ninth phase concerned 540 collaborators.

Started in 2011, intense redevelopment plan, which includes the refurbishment of premises and reorganizations in multiple services, requires careful and extremely fast to not hinder the productivity of the teams.

For this ninth phase, a total of more than 8,600 cartons (approximately 16 per collaborators) have been transferred, and many safes and photocopier which obviously necessitated the intervention of specialized teams.



To carry out this task, from Saturday to Friday, AMT has developed a team of 20 continuous movers permanently on site, supervised by five team leaders and 2 coordinators, with 2 trucks and 300 « rolls » mobilized for the operation. A dedicated team was specifically in charge of the decoration /protection/ restoration part.

To complete this procedure, AMT has also supported the disconnection/reconnection of 600 computer workstations, allowing teams in Bouygues to work immediately once integrated their new premises.

25 years after its delivery, while started energy renovation work which divide by 10 the consumption of the building, Challenger continues to hold the role of showcase of the Bouygues group in building capacity, and AMT is proud to contribute to its progress.


An « all-inclusive » move for the mutual MGEFI

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mgefiIn order to optimize the management of its real estate, MGEFI, mutual dedicated to the staff of the Ministries of Economy and Finance has asked AMT to accompany its operation of moving/relocation.

For staff all started really with a « clean-week », a process that involves a week for internal teams to sort the documents to keep and those who can be discarded. Of course, for obvious reasons of confidentiality related to the business of MGEFI, some bins are made available to all comers, while others locked, refer to documents that will be destroyed industrially not to be read. During this week, the AMT teams performed rotations to eliminate standard containers or secure waste as they are filled. AMT had prepared for the attention of all staff an ad hoc brochure to describe the terms of this provision, in accordance with the wishes of customers.

Meanwhile, AMT has made the labeling of all the furniture and computers, according to arrivals plans provided by MGEFI, so that at the end of the move each one automatically finds its furniture elements.

Moving day came, AMT has provided enough teams for the transfer to be performed on the space of a weekend, about 170 people in total. Among them, a specialized team took care of the heavy lifting; Safes devices, automatic postage and semi-industrial and reprographic units.

The provision also featured disconnection by computer technicians, packaging and reconnect the network of all computer stations so on the day of arrival, the MGEFI activities can resume within the shortest time.

MGEFI could, on Monday, to keep serving its members!


Mobiliteam and the chocolate factory: a question of working environment

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Tuesday, December 3, AMT and CACD, from the Mobiliteam group had invited twenty professionals of the work environment for Arseg workshop which structured around two themes.

The first part of the morning, CACD teams presented their views on how the Director of the working environment can (and should) participate in the blueprint of his company. Then AMT became interested in issues of new technologies in terms of the move.

After three thirty-rich learning but also in discussion with various members present, the greediest visited street of the Archives for a tour of one of the last chocolate craft and family factory of Paris: the Girard House

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AMT partner for the optimization of the building  » Vaisseau « 

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The Vaisseau (meaning the Ship in French) is the name of the admiral building of the company Dalkia, a joint subsidiary of Veolia and EDF specializing in energy services. And it is in order to optimize its spaces Dalkia has used AMT to assist in a crossover that allowed him ultimately to bring together several key teams.
First episode with the transfer of 170 positions from du Vaisseau to the mother house of Veolia (Nanterre) directed on a weekend, on a plateau specially planned to welcome them. Then, they are no less than 7 different sites that have been gathered on the 170 free places left by the transfer, with arrivals which are spread over more than a month and a half, especially from the  » Gémeaux  » (Issy-les-Moulineaux) and Châtillon.
To make the premises vacated as soon as possible, Dalkia relied on AMT teams to discard some furniture and store remaining 350 m3 on ATM storage platforms (8000 m2 of total capacity).


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Transfert externe de 170 postes vers 4 sites différents. Prestation en 3 phases avec pilotage AMT : mobilier, cartons et matériel informatique, démontage/remontage du mobilier et des rayonnages d’archives, transfert des archives, manutention lourde de coffres forts et photocopieurs.

Véolia Environnement

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Transfert externe de 830 personnes en 4 phases : 4 sites de départ pour un site d’arrivée.

Manutention de mobilier environ 800 m3 avec démontage/remontage. Emballage/déballage des linéaires, manutention lourde coffre fort et bureau marbre, déconnexion/reconnexion de 780 PC avec installation sur bras.

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