Luxury Hotels

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AMT can provide specific services connected with closing, refurbishing or opening your hotel:


  • Complete removal of furniture in rooms and communal areas
  • Complete removal of hanging fittings
  • Complete removal of kitchen furniture
  • Complete removal of bulky waste
  • Protection of delicate, valuable items


  • Storage of new furniture in buffer areas
  • Furniture assembly (bedside tables, bathroom mirrors, wall lights, chandeliers, bathroom fittings, etc.)
  • Renovation of furniture in storage


Furniture Distribution

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AMT manages your logistics flows.

Whether you are a manufacturer or retailer, we can:

  • Take delivery of your goods in our warehouses (with the option of storing orders and/or managing product stock).
  • Check the quantity or visual quality of your products.
  • Email or fax goods delivery notices.
  • Consolidate your orders.
  • Make appointments with your clients on your behalf.
  • Deliver and assemble your furniture to your specifications.
  • Deliver and install your technical products (photocopier, blueprint machine, safe, etc.).
  • Retrieve packaging or old furniture for destruction via our waste recycling process.
  • Email or fax client delivery notices.

For large-volume projects, we can make site visits with you and your clients to organise:

  • Delivery schedules.
  • Parking arrangements and access management (lift, etc.).
  • Layout plan validity.
  • Transit areas.
  • Work carried out alongside other trades.
  • Etc.


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