Luxury Hotels

The luxury hotel market is very specific and requires exceptional skills and unrivalled quality services, from one end of the value chain to the other.

In this spirit, we at AMT set up a very high-end service for luxury hotels and 4- and 5-star hotels, which we called ‘Luxury and Services’. For what is now over two years, we have been successfully carrying out complex services for legendary luxury hotels: for example, in Paris, on the French Riviera and in the Geneva region (Switzerland).

« Very High-End Moving Services »

Illustr_Chbre_doubleWe deal with our clients right from the start of refurbishment projects. Since a closure period represents valuable time and has a direct impact on a hotel’s operating results, we have set up a department equipped with all the necessary tools to support our clients. preview-6814This ensures near perfect respect of the quality and lead-time commitments we make them.

« The Phases of our Intervention »

During the design phase of refurbishment work, we carry out pre-validation of furniture and fittings that will need to be moved to and kept at our storage platforms (8,000 m2 in France) or reconditioned.We are also able to set up show bedrooms and areas in our specialized warehouses, where designers can experiment with shape and colour combinations in real-life situations.

preview-6720During our direct intervention, we ensure that bedrooms are made available for refurbishment as quickly as possible. Since our staff are familiar with the dos and don’ts for luxury hotels, it is also possible for part of the move to be carried out while the hotel is open.
StockageOur integrated bar-code tracking system enables us to locate all items in real-time. Our specific certification in moving valuable items guarantees they are handled in the best possible way.  At the same time, we restore any items of furniture requiring attention.
We can install bedroom furniture and fittings with extremely strict specifications. This includes assembling furniture and installing decorative fittings (beds, bedside tables, mirrors, bathrooms, wall lights, chandeliers, bathroom installations, lounge units, electronic components, etc.).

« Our Designated Staff »

Your project is monitored by the same single member of staff. Using our IT facilities, he or she is able to provide you with real-time information on the exact progress of your project at any given moment. Not only do the staff we employ on-site hold advanced certification in moving high-quality items, they have also been specially trained to intervene in your hotels, even while they are open.

All our teams are immaculately dressed when they work and will wear white gloves if you wish. They are supervised by English-speaking site foremen who have an excellent grasp of the dos and don’ts for luxury hotels.
preview-6646As you will have realized, this is an area of business in which we aim to provide exactly the same quality of service as you offer your guests.








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