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A dedicated, specialised, comprehensive records management service

Records management must comply with ISO 15489:2001 document regulations (both active and non-active records). To support our clients’ growing needs in this field, AMT has a department specialising in records management: ‘Records Services ©’.

A single contact person (records management expert) is available to respond to your requests. This contact will organize relations with your departments in accordance with the profession’s current norms. Supported by a computerized management solution and the procedures you send us, your contact will respond to all your requests. This is done in association with local storage platforms, on 24-hour secure sites.

Many services, tailored to your needs

- Customised Needs Audit

In our experience, there are many possible records management scenarios and you will come with your own methodology. For this reason, our service begins with a detailed audit of your current situation and specific records management need.


_VLX8652- Individual Records Inventory

Working on the basis of your existing records or your own database, our inventory manager carries out an input inventory, supported by our BALArchives records management software.


- Records Removal

Based on the audit results and inventory, we establish with you the best procedure for moving the records into storage. This includes deciding on all packaging sizes (binders, boxes and containers), and the human and logistics resources to achieve this within the allotted time.


_VLX7826- Keeping Records

All records location management is done using BALArchives software. Containers are identified by a bar code and every input is listed in the software, enabling us to know where each record is located.

Our three storage platforms have a total capacity of 140,000 records containers (stored in racks). They are heavily protected against intruders by alarms and video surveillance, and against fire by advanced fire-retardant systems.


Vue_ordinateur_2- Consultation Searches 

A simple click is all it takes to search for your records containers. All locations are coded and each container has a location code to optimize records searches.

For each output, inventory managers tell order pickers where the records to be retrieved are located. This transaction is updated in the database.
You receive a statement of transactions on each anniversary.


petite_voitureDelivering Individual Records 

A simple email is all we require to deliver the records you need. We then undertake to deliver them to your workplace within the following 48 hours, using the most suitable transport.


Paper-shreddingAnnual or Specific Destruction

After a certain time period – which varies according to how much the records need to be kept – we also manage gradual, scheduled or specific destruction of obsolete records. This is to ensure they are no longer a cost item for you.


We have been ARSEG-affiliated since 1993, an OMA member since 2006, and ISO 9001:2008 quality certified since 2002.

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