Our Values

1.  Efficiency

 - Acting in every respect for clients’ benefit, with proven expertise.

– Providing complete solutions, drawing on the wealth of what our group offers: relocation, distribution, storage, soft services, auditing, space planning, layouts, move management.


2.  Human Beings as Essential Assets

 - First, this means the pride of belonging, based on all our expertise.

– This is the company’s biggest investment.

– Managing client satisfaction and internal satisfaction with our clients. This means helping people to adapt: stress management, ergonomics and communication.


3.  Environmental Responsibility

  This means putting forward the best solutions for the environment and our clients’ image: recycling, choice of furniture, etc.


4.  Shared Satisfaction

 - Constant presence, thinking long-term about our client relationship and anticipating any problems.

– Providing more service: after-sales service, dedicated client teams… in-house.

– Giving team members the skills they need to be proud of our trade and represent the group.

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